Better, faster and more accurate assessment of energy usage

Help your consumers to make informed decisions by enabling billing comparison services with Fiskil’s Energy API.

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The problem

Consumers often feel overwhelmed by the lack of transparency and control over their bills. Without access to real-time data and tariff information, they struggle to understand their energy usage patterns and identify opportunities for cost savings.

The solution

By providing access to real-time billing data and tariff information through its energy APIs, Fiskil empowers consumers to take control of their energy bills. With Fiskil's innovative solutions, consumers can track their energy usage more accurately, identify potential areas for cost reduction, and ensure billing accuracy, transforming their energy billing experience from confusing to transparent and empowering.

"Project Finance is proud to partner with Fiskil to lead the industry shift to an open banking standard."

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Colby Ross at Project Finance

CEO & Co-Founder

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