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Allow your users to securely link energy accounts and data to your product

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account information

Retrieve names, phone numbers, addresses, emails and account details for individual and business accounts. This information can be used to pre-fill forms and complement KYC procedures.


real-time account


Provide a user a real-time view into their energy account balance. Let them see what they’ve paid and what payments might be outstanding.


detailed billing data

Obtain historical billing and invoice data, detect the cost of energy usage over time and the payment frequency of the bills.


usage data

Access real-time and historical usage data from all of a user’s sites. Show your users when and why their usage is peaking.


A suite of Energy APIs for your business needs





Service Point






2  "accounts": [
3    {
4      "account_id": "203e18ee-228e-4987-a9f2-d04fcca82a4a",
5      "account_number": "b85c6fe2-24db-4265-93ac-eb1506c5a109",
6      "creation_date": "2019-12-19",
7      "display_name": "Single Rate w/ Solar Feed In",
8      "open_status": "OPEN",
9      "plans": [
10        {
11          "authorised_contacts": null,
12          "plan_detail": {
13            "electricity_contract": {
14              "additional_fee_information": "additional fees and charges may apply. please see the agl fee schedules",
15              "controlled_load": null,
16              "discounts": null,
17              "eligibility": [
18                {
19                  "description": "direct debit",
20                  "information": "direct debit is mandatory for the energy plan selected.",
21                  "type": "other"
22                },
23                {
24                  "description": "e_billing",
25                  "information": "you must receive bills and other account related communications via your nominated email address for the duration of this energy plan.",
26                  "type": "other"
27                }
28              ],
29              "fees": null,
30              "green_power_charges": null,
31              "incentives": null,
32              "is_fixed": false,
33              "on_expiry_description": "your market contract is ongoing. at the end of your 2 year benefit period, you will be placed on a new energy plan. we will notify you if there are any differences between these plans.",
34              "payment_option": [
35                "DIRECT_DEBIT"
36              ],
37              "pricing_model": "SINGLE_RATE",
38              "solar_feed_in_tariff": [
39                {
40                  "description": "",
41                  "display_name": "feed-in tariff",
42                  "payer_type": "RETAILER",
43                  "scheme": "OTHER",
44                  "single_tariff": {
45                    "rates": null
46                  },
47                  "tariff_u_type": "singleTariff"
48                }
49              ],
50              "tariff_period": [
51                {
52                  "daily_supply_charges": "0.5083",
53                  "display_name": "all-year",
54                  "end_date": "12-31",
55                  "rate_block_u_type": "singleRate",
56                  "single_rate": {
57                    "description": "",
58                    "display_name": "general usage",
59                    "period": "PT24H",
60                    "rates": [
61                      {
62                        "measure_unit": "KWH",
63                        "unit_price": "0.2072",
64                        "volume": 0
65                      }
66                    ]
67                  },
68                  "start_date": "01-01",
69                  "time_zone": "LOCAL",
70                  "type": "RETAIL_SERVICE"
71                }
72              ],
73              "variation": "energy rates may be varied at any time by giving you written notice at least 5 business days prior to the change. other charges and tariffs, including daily export caps and solar feed-in tarriffs, may be varied with notice to you"
74            },
75            "fuel_type": "ELECTRICITY",
76            "metering_charges": null
77          },
78          "plan_overview": {
79            "display_name": "employee rate energy plan",
80            "end_date": "2024-05-19",
81            "start_date": "2020-05-20"
82          },
83          "service_point_ids": [
84            "4e067b1a-6ee1-4079-b935-e3afcc50b82f"
85          ]
86        }
87      ],
88      "institution_id": "99999"
89    }
90  ],
91  "links": {}

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