Allow customers to compare, select and switch energy services

Offer consumers personalised recommendations based on their patterns and preferences, and allow them to switch in real time.

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The problem

Navigating the complex landscape of energy providers can be daunting for consumers. Without access to comprehensive data and personalised recommendations, they struggle to identify the most suitable energy plans and providers, leading to frustration and potential overspending on energy bills.

The solution

Data providers and recipients can leverage Fiskil's APIs to access product data sets, including electricity, gas, and dual fuel plans. This allows comparison sites or switching services to offer consumers personalised recommendations based on their customer’s usage patterns and preferences. The use of real-time APIs facilitating seamless switching between energy providers.

"Project Finance is proud to partner with Fiskil to lead the industry shift to an open banking standard."

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Colby Ross at Project Finance

CEO & Co-Founder

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