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SOC 2 Type II

We're committed to keeping customers' information secure, available, and confidential.

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We help our clients (both EU and globally) comply with GDPR.

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ASAE 3150 Type II

Processes in place to manage risk and secure systems.

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Encryption safeguards your data while using Fiskil

When you utilize Fiskil to link an account with an app, we ensure your data remains secure and confidential through top-tier encryption standards:

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256)

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)

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Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security

To guarantee a secure account connection, Fiskil developed its own multi-factor authentication (MFA) for situations where you lack one. With Fiskil's MFA, you can consistently ensure an additional security layer is in place.

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Our products are built on secure cloud infrastructure

We use modern cloud technologies to host the Fiskil API. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, we benefit from years of safety enhancements to better protect data.

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Around-the-clock monitoring protects your information

Robust safety monitoring, automated alerts, and a 24/7 on-call team enable Fiskil to swiftly address and resolve any potential issues, ensuring your private information remains secure.

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Independent security testing helps us continuously improve

Some of the most respected security researchers, app developers, and financial institutions routinely audit Fiskil's API and security controls. Additionally, our bug bounty program ensures that anyone, anywhere can contribute to making our systems secure.

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Creating a safer financial future for everyone

We share our security practices and technologies with our partners to make sure we're moving toward a more secure digital financial ecosystem together. And we continuously work with fintech companies and banks to push the entire industry forward.

Responsible Disclosure

Get in touch with our security team to disclose any security vulnerabilities.

Visit the Fiskil Security Center

Request access to our security assurance artifacts, compliance reports, and more.


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