Secure compliant data sharing for Enterprises

Quickly implement data sharing aligned with the industry standards, rules and API specifications.

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"Partnering with Fiskil on our open data needs has been a game-changer for us in delivering and maintaining our data holder solution."

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Fahad Liaqat at Pacific Blue

Executive Manager Operations and New Markets

Managed infrastructure

Scalable data sharing, zero overhead

Deliver industry-aligned data sharing solutions that excel in performance and user experience, captivating your customers and driving engagement with your brand.

Implement quickly & easily

Implement quickly & easily

Clear guidelines for teams of any size to validate API integration in 6-8 weeks.

Continuous compliance

Continuous compliance

Built to manage changing industry standard, keeping you up-to-date and focused on your core business.

Robust enterprise support

Robust enterprise support

With our round-the-clock support and robust enterprise-grade security features, rest assured that your network and customer data are continuously protected.

Guarding your business'

SOC2 Certified

Build with confidence

Certified security

Fiskil is an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) under the CDR, and is compliant with SOC 2 Type 2 and ASAE3150 Type 2.

Proactive Defense

Fiskil Firewall

Integrated DDoS protection and dedicated support that keeps your network safe from attacks.


Observability by default

Gain insights into usage, traffic, and other metrics directly from your dashboard, equipped with integrated monitoring, audit trails, and real-time logs.


Deliver a winning
Open Data program


Gain a clear understanding of your performance while meeting industry metric standards.

Data usage





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Complex accounts

Offer secure sharing for business, joint and trust accounts, ensuring compliance with robust permission controls for diverse account types.

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Consent management

Enable and manage data sharing consents through APIs, customisable UI components, consent dashboards and administrator portals.

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Financial-grade authorization

Ensure secure, compliant customer data sharing with our certified FAPI 2.0-standard solution.

Product data sharing

Streamline product listing, sharing and management for secure data sharing.

Reporting requirements

Regulatory reporting requirement processes are built into Fiskil’s platform.


Why work with Fiskil

Customised integration

Define your customer’s experience. Easily customise all consent flows to speak your brand language.

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Save on time and project spend

Increase your speed to market and keep your technology team focused on your core business with our off the shelf solution.

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Robust support

Our team are experts in Open Data; it's our bread and butter. From compliance to API integration, we’ve got the answers to your questions

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Your backend pipes

You focus on innovating, we’ll handle the backend complexities. We’re built to scale and operate with a 99.99% uptime.

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