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The data sharing infrastructure for the internet

Fiskil provides advanced data sharing solutions for finance and energy institutions, facilitating seamless sharing and access to real-time customer data.

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Share and link customer data to your solution with ease

Make open data compliance and elevated security your strategic advantage with Fiskil, and compete to win market share with innovative new products.

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Products to comply
and compete in open data


Data APIs

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Data Provider

Secure, compliant data sharing that meets industry standards

Data APIs

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Banking API

Direct access into banking data from customers

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Energy API

Direct access into energy data from customers

Use cases

Lead the way
in open data innovation




Why work with Fiskil

Secure and reliable

We prioritise security with encryption, multi-factor authentication, cloud infrastructure and continuous monitoring, so you can prioritise your customers.

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Stay ahead of the curve

Make quick compliance your competitive advantage and create groundbreaking products that exceed evolving market demands.

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Customised Integration

Define your customer’s experience. Easily customise all consent flows to speak your brand language.

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Save on time and project spend

Increase your speed to market and keep your technology team focused on your core business with our off the shelf solution.

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Robust support

Our team are experts in Open Data; it's our bread and butter. From compliance to API integration, we’ve got the answers to your questions

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Your backend pipes

You focus on innovating, we’ll handle the backend complexities. We’re built to scale and operate with a 99.99% uptime.

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Built for developers

Fiskil enables developers to effortlessly integrate user-friendly interfaces. Our API-first platform seamlessly connects with 115+ financial institutions and 20+ energy providers with minimal code.


2  "account_id": "ad9fc3b4-7727-4f6c-9833-efbff724e771",
3  "amortised_limit": "100",
4  "available_balance": "200",
5  "credit_limit": "300",
6  "currency": "AUD",
7  "current_balance": "1000"

"Partnering with Fiskil on our open data needs has been a game-changer for us in delivering and maintaining our data holder solution."

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Fahad Liaqat at Pacific Blue

Executive Manager Operations and New Markets

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